From 10X New York Times Best-selling Author Daniel G. Amen, MD WITH CHLOE AMEN AND ALIZÉ CASTELLANOS

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Learn brain-based tools and strategies to
work smarter, not harder.

Every method or suggestion outlined in this book has been tested and proven with the help of students who went from struggling in school to improving their academic performance.


Enjoy learning


Reduce the need for expensive tutors


Improve grades


Meet homework
due dates


Stay organized


Feel less
test-taking anxiety

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There is no shortage of books about how to study more effectively, but these books fail to cover the most important secret to success at school—the brain.

Based on the world’s largest brain imaging database, we now know that success or failure at school depends on the moment-by-moment functioning of the brain.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades relies on the latest neuroscience and leading-edge brain imaging to show students of all ages how to strengthen the ultimate study buddy—their brain—to be more successful in school.

  • Discover how the brain creates habits and how to rewire your brain to improve study habits.
  • Find out the 4 strategies to gain a stronger foundation for learning.
  • Learn the 3 organization principles that make studying go so much faster.
  • Get access to the day-by-day timeline to be better prepared for any test.
  • 3 brain-based techniques to calm your mind and boost cognitive function on test day.
  • And more!


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Daniel G. Amen, MD, is a physician, psychiatrist, professor and 10-time New York Times bestselling author. He is a double board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics, Inc., operating with eight clinics across the country.

Amen Clinics has the world’s largest database of functional brain scans relating to behavior, totaling over 150,000 scans on patients from 121 countries.

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Chloe Amen is a sophomore in high school. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a guest star on the popular public television show Feel Better Fast, and a contributor and guest star in the high school program Brain Thrive by 25, designed to help teens improve brain function and performance. Chloe also has a passion for service and is an active volunteer for Girls Inc., an after-school girls’ empowerment program.

Chloe struggled with anxiety and organization, which affected her academic performance. Through the techniques she has learned and shared in this book, she has transformed her mindset and work ethic. As a result, she now has a 4.0 GPA and enjoys her education.

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Alizé Castellanos is a ninth grader in Orange County, California. She is an Honor Society student and participates in cross country and track and field. In the last year, she has been awarded Language Arts Student of the Year, Life Science Student of the Year, Automation and Robotics Student of the Year, and Student of the Semester on three different occasions.

Alizé was recently diagnosed with ADHD and works very hard to maintain good grades, using the skills in this book. She especially loves learning how to kill the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) that try to mess up her life.